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IAVW - Thai, Collection 1

Dear foodies,

All of you were eager to see the final round-up of Thai recipes floating around the blogosphere last month. So here is the first of a two-part series for 'It's a Vegan World - Thai' round-up. When I very hesitantly announced the event, you guys assured me that I had no reason to fret, and you went ahead and proved it too. thank you, Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed hosting the event, and it made me wonder why I was scared to do it all these months :D I had fun reading your emails and getting touch with you and the fabulous recipes you sent my way made me want to go make it right that night :D

The essence of the IAVW event that Vaishali started earlier this year, was to urge all of us to try out new cuisines, challenge ourselves and, add our unique twists to the recipes at the sametime. Many of you mentioned that it was your first time bringing Thai food into your kitchens. I too ventured into making the curry pastes and some lesser familiar recipes from the great cuisine and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I still have a few more recipes bookmarked and ready to be tried in the coming days, I'm sure its the same with most of you too. I hope this post gives you many more ideas and continues to inspire you.

If you submitted a recipe and don't see it here, accept my apologies right now :) Please send me an email telling me about it, I will update the post asap with the entry. I am breaking the round-up into two posts for convenience, this one has all the salads, soups, appetizers and curries. You can either click on the text link or the image to take you to the blog that houses the recipe. Happy cooking!
Salads, Soups & Appetizers

Kalai shared with us another crunchy Mango salad recipe @ Little taste buds
Vaishali's peanut butter dressing on her Vegetable salad is a must try, @ Holy Cow! Thank you so giving me that chance to host!
Graziana made scrumptious fried bananas @ Erbe in Cucina which means, Cooking with herbs :)
Srilakshmi made a crunchy mouthful called Miang Khum @ Annapurna
Sonu, the new chef on the block serves up a Carrot, Capsicum and Celery soup @ Seven Spice
Priya makes us a nutritious Carrot soup @ her Easy n Tasty recipes

A & N @ Delectably Your's made my fav Thai soup, Tom Kha, that I sadly forgot to include in the round-up! Sorry guys :( 

I made some thai inspired fresh spring rolls and some grilled tomato salsa & peanut dip to go along.
Thai Curries
Sia used a pineapple & tofu in her flavorful Yellow curry and recipe for the paste @ Monsoon spice
Vani made a mouth watering Massaman curry for us @ Mysoorean
Varsha made a Thai curry with homemade curry paste @ Vegan Treats
Bee and Jai whipped up a thai pineapple curry, Gaeng Koa Supparod, @ Jugalbandi. The recipe for the paste is in there too.
Soma used her homemade curry paste to make a Massaman curry @ eCurry
Pavani made a yummy Yellow curry @ Cook's Hideout
Miri made a spicy Red curry @ Peppermill
Archy has a flavor packed Green curry paste for us in her Recipe book
Priya made a Green curry with tofu and bell peppers @ Easy n Tasty recipes

Indrani has a unique recipe for Stewed pumpkin @ Appyayan

Vaishali added a flavorful twist on chickpeas with her Curried Chickpeas @ Holy Cow!

Sweatha has a yummy Red curry @ Tasty Curry Leaf

Uma serves us a nutritious Vegetable Medley @ Vegan Orbit

Maya adds her twist to the Thai Curry @ Konkan World
Arch has a fabulous Massaman curry and a must try burnt garlic rice to go along with it @ The Yum Factor
Anita, a non-blogger sent us a lovely Massaman curry with broccoli and tofu,

And now an entry thats a little closer to my heart. My dear friend Srikanth (whose b'day we celebrated here) made a spicy hot Thai Red Curry exclusively for this event. This was also the first time he was making it. He served it to his frnds at a potluck and got rave reviews :) Thank you! He used store bought curry paste and a ton of veggies - green & red bell peppers, onions, carrots, baby corn, broccoli, water chestnuts & bamboo shoots. So there, all you cooks who haven't tried thai food at home yet, here's proof that its simple!
As for me, I too discovered the potency of home-made Red and Green curry pastes.

and added a yummy Thai style Chickpeas to my go-to recipe list

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Pavani said...

Man.. thats one tasty round up.. and its only part 1.. I'm waiting for the part 2 Priya.. Good job.

chef and her kitchen said...

wow lovely round up....I could not send for this event..Waiting for the Part-2..lovely entries..

Cham said...

Awesome round-up! So may vegan options , waiting for the 2nd part!

sathya said...

Thats a wonderful roundup priya !
i missed the event ! :(

Parita said...

Wow what a great round up...m sad i missed this one....waiting for the next round :)

Priya Suresh said...

Wat a delicious array of thai dishes Priya...eagerly waiting for the part 2 now!

Jaya said...

Fabulous round-up girl... Everything looks mouth-watering and I am hungry now :P. Waiting for part II!

Anonymous said...

great first round up priya.simply tempted me to try the receipes.

Soma said...

What a beautiful Round Up Priya!! This got me started into Thai.. & I am ever so grateful.

Vishali said...

wonderful collection of recipes Priya. You have presented it so nicely. Thank u for all the effort.

Suparna said...

Hi Priya,
That's a stupendous round-up! would love to try out some dishes from here, hmmm waiting to see what the second round up has in store :) Great job!

FH said...

Great looking round up Priya. Glad I could see the first one before I go off blogging. Thanks for taking time!:)

Bugs said...

Lovelyyy!OUCH, I missed it:(! Sorry, I know I had told I would send you something..but didnt look like it!!..but a great roundup!

Priya said...

Pavani, break ke baad ? :P Will have the second one up today.

Mr.Lee, thanks for dropping by.

Prathibha, you now have soo many recipe options to try from :)

Cham, even I was impressed by the variety! who would've thunk! :P

Sathya, no worries, now you have so many tempting dishes to try :)

Parita, the next one has soo many more lovely entries, all I can say is you won't be able to postpone cooking Thai any longer :P

Priya, all of them look so tempting naa ?

Priya said...

Jaya, imagine how ravenous I was while doing the round-up! I felt like eating Thai all the time!

Anon, with soo many wonderful ideas, it's almost impossible to not be tempted. do let me know when you try them :)

Soma, me too! I have so many more recipes scribbled in my book. I'm glad I took it up.

Vishali,thank soo much :) Wouldn't have happened without all you guys showing your enthusiasm.

Suparna, better get started right away, cos the second one is only going to make the list longer :) thank you :)

Asha, I'm glad you got to see it. The second one should be up later today, do drop by if you have time. have a fun vacation :)

Bugs, life takes over sometimes. I had so many more dishes planned but could not get them in on time. But I hope you this gives you many more recipe ideas :)

Bong Mom said...

Ooooooooh all those delicious Thai Curries are making me drool like anything. Beautiful round up


Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Amazing Thai collection here... Looks very amazing and there is a lotsa to make from here... great round up!!!

anudivya said...

Hey Priya! Gosh girl... are you still mad at me? Wail...
And what have I missed here... a nice thai spread I see, wish I could have participated, or rather blogged in the first place... :(
Anyway, I am back and thatz all what counts right? ;)
Since you spoke of Ina Garten... do you like her show on Food network? I kinda feel she throws her food around, just my observation. But she does whip up some amazing desserts.

Vaishali said...

Priya, what a beautiful, beautiful roundup and so many great and creative recipes to try! I also love your presentation. Congratulations on a job well done, and thanks for doing it!

Alka said...

Lipsmacking Roundup!
Kudos, its now a one stop place for learning Thai ,for me !

Priya said...

Sandeepa, yes, lovely ideas all over. can't wait to try a few myself.

Ramya, this post is almost a bookmark in itself :)) thank you.

Anu yup, my first event and you missed it! hehehe, but mad at you ? after that cake ? noooo :D
I actually like Ina's cooking. I've never used her recipes word-for-word, except for the fruitcake cookies, but I like the techniques and flavor combination's she uses. You need to ignore all those sticks of butter though :P

Vaishali, it was soo much fun! I had planned to make the post elaborate, but the lovely entries that came in made the job easy by speaking for themselves :)

Alka, looks like that to me too! Hope you get to try them in your kitchen soon :)

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