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IAVW - Thai, Collection 2

Dear foodies,

I thought you would be mesmerized by the recipes in the first half of the IAVW round-up, and would need time to recover until I came back with the second posting....But no, you wanted all of it and soon! So here's the second and last part of the It's a Vegan World - Thai recipe collection and, also the end of my first hosting, sob sob....! All of you made cooking Vegan Thai food sound like a breeze, so many delicious entries, and no where was the taste compromised - the dishes were flavorful, hearty and satisfying.

Now that you are done savoring the first two courses, and hopefully bookmarked several already, lets move on with the meal. Below are some hearty rice and noodles to fill you up and decadent desserts and drinks to cool your palates after the fiery dishes we've had so far :) Like in the previous post, click on the text link or the image to get re-directed to the blog that houses the recipe. I hope I have all of your delicious entries in here, if not, do send me an email and I will have it in immediately. You can browse through the Italian edition of IAVW here, and the Mexican round-up here.

You've been the best guests I've had, reqd absolutely no scurrying around cleaning the house before/after the party ;) I can't wait to host again, but until then, happy cooking ! Feel free to leave a link to any future Thai dishes you might make, in the comment section of these posts to serve as future reference.

Thai Noodle & Rice preparations

Asha made a fabulous Pad Thai @ Foodie's Hope

Lavi choose a yummy Eggplant curry to serve over noodles @ Home Cook's Recipes

Manjusha served up spicy thai noodles @ Inspired Cooking

Vani recreated her favorite dish that resulted in this yummy bowl of Thai noodles @ Mysoorean

Vishali has some yummy Stir fry noodles for us @ Food Lovers

Uma made a scrumptious Pad Thai @ Vegan Orbit

Vaishali has some fabulous Noodles in Coconut sauce @ Holy Cow!

She also made a simple and tasty Coconut Rice to go with her curried chickpeas @ Holy Cow!

Aqua added a creative spin and made a Olive Rice @ Served with Love

Pavani made a thai flavored Fried Rice for us @ Cook's Hideout

Meera made a flavorful Coconut Rice @ Enjoy World Food

Archy made a flavor packed Fried rice for us with the yummy green curry paste she made earlier @ her Recipe Book

I had to grab this bowl of colorful Fried rice inspired by thai flavors from Soma @ eCurry

after I made a Fried rice using home-made penang curry paste :)

Coolers & Desserts

To cool us down from all the spice Uma has a refreshing Lime Iced Tea @ Essence of Andhra

Priya Narasimhan has a plate full of colorful Coconut Pancakes for us to enjoy @ Priya's Vegetarian Recipe's

SJ plated decadent Sticky rice with Mangoes @ Masala Vade

Priya also made a cool Lychee & Coconut soup @ Easy N Tasty Recipe's

If you weren't already tempted Abbirami made some more Sticky rice with Mangoes for us @ Soulful Creations
Nirmala made a exotic summer dessert, chilled Coconut milk with Rose petals @ Amma's Special

Now hit the gym to burn all that food you just had (or sleep it off ;) ) and have a fun weekend!

23 thoughts:

Pavani said...

yet another tasty round up. Great job Priya..You should be hosting more events in the future.

Indhu said...

lovely roundup... loved all the recipes :)

Vishali said...

Wonderful roundup and good to see and know about so many bloggers.

I appreciate what you have done Priya. Good Job! :)

FH said...

HeHe! We are really really hungry foodies, we want everything quick!

Great collection of Vegan Thai, good job. Will wait until you host again! :)

Parita said...

Great roundup..very colorful :)

Priya Suresh said...

2nd part makes me hungry splly all the noodles and rice dishes...yummy!!

Manju said...

wow! wow!! i love all of them!!! awesome round up!

Vaishali said...

Again a superlative job, Priya. Such great entries!

Suparna said...

Hi Priya,
wow!that was quick :) I was quite recovering from the first round up ;) hmmm u r right after the second round's all the way to gyming and nice job sweetie.

Cham said...

When it comes to food we don't wait. Thanks for the hard work:)

Varsha Vipins said... hungry..!! great job Priya..:)

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Oh my God awesome round up, just had dinner but now after seeing all these am feeling hungry thanks for such a wonderful presentation of all the entries...

Vani said...

Yum, yum, yum!!! All the dishes look colorful and inviting! Lovely round-up too, Priya. Thanks again for hosting this!

chef and her kitchen said...

Again a lovely feast to the eyes..

A_and_N said...

Awesome stuff and what an effort, Priya! You were a fab host!

A_and_N said...

Err... hmm...did A forget to email you our Tom Kha or can I officially declare now I'm night blind?

Pooh said...

I love these roundups. Loads of cool recipes!

Meera said...

What a nice collection!! Great job with the roundup.

anudivya said...

Oh there was more! Love love love the lychee coconut combo that one person had shared for the event. All the others look just as great.
You did a great job Priya.
I hope there will be more events from you and that I can participate.

Nupur said...

Priya- what a superb theme and a wonderful round-up! I'm sorry I missed this event :( but I know I will be trying many of these recipes.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to say hi :)

veggie belly said...

wow! everything looks so good! im getting hungry here...i have to get my thai fix..

Nirmala said...

Lovely round-up Priya! Thanks for hosting this wonderful event!

Soma said...

Priya this indeed was a great round up.. all the recipes are so different & varied..even the drinks! a lot to try out for me.

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