Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thank You!

Dear Foodies,

My blog won the Best Indi Foodblog Award at Indibloggies !!

And I owe it to all of you who voted :) I was thrilled to even find my blog put up for nominations among so many fantastic blogs and..., to win the title...its just fabulous! This year is ending on a very sweet note, and I have you to thank for this one :)

I started this space with the thought of sharing my kitchen experimentations. The ones where I was following the instructions my mom gave over the phone and hoping that the dish would atleast be palatable :D I did not know who my audience was. All my friends were starting up blogs, I was too shy to write a personal blog and so food was a perfect foil to get me started :) It has come a long way since then, and love it :)

I've met many wonderful people through their blogs, made friends not just in fellow bloggers but a few readers too. And it may not be too far fetched to say that it may have had a teeeeny weeeny bit in bringing me my life partner :D I am thankful to you guys for all of this and much more! Its been great so far, and I hope to share many more recipes and stories with you in the future :)

Happy Holidays!

P.S: My family and I, thank you for all the lovely wishes sent our way through your comments in the previous post.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Updates! Updates!

Dear foodies,

Yes, lots and lots of exciting updates! This space has been silent and dull all of last month...but life outside has been full of activities and wonderful turns. Soon after my previous post I boarded the plane to India to attend my brother's wedding! I got there even before the bride, my dear sis-in-law, so I could shop, for them ;-) There was one round before my brother came, one after and many more in between :) My brother strictly warned me against getting the camera to the wedding hall, lest I disappear from his wedding pics :D We had a mehendi function at home and these photos are from the arrangements my aunt and I did for it.

Happy happy married life Vijai & Pallavi, love you!
A few weeks back I got an email from Indibloggies congratulating me on my blog being nominated under the "Best Food Indiblog" category! I am thrilled to see my blog share the space with so many of my favorite food blogs! My sincere thanks to the Indibloggies jury and to all of you who suggested my blog for nomination. You guys are fantastic! A huge thanks to each one of you dear readers. Its your kind words of encouragement that have kept this blog going for so long and brought it to its current state. Thank you, thank you soo much! :-) Now I request you to click on the icon below and vote for me and the other fabulous blogs that've been nominated in various categories. Vote for us and make our day so much more sweeter :) You have until the 10th of December to vote.

Now for the biggest news of all.....I got Engaged! Today !! We decided to take the leap just last week and today we got officially engaged!! Well, e-engaged since the event took place in India :-P A month back if somebody had told me this was going to happen I would have laughed it out, but now its all fallen into place beautifully & I'm happy for it :)

Vamsi is blissfully dreaming of hot meals landing on his dinner table every day, I think you guys need to explain to him the travails of marrying a food blogger ;-) But I can promise you one thing, there's going to be loooots of cooking ahead, so stay tuned :)

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