Monday, December 11, 2006

Oven Roasted Potatoes

Dear Foodies,

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Since the time I discovered that we had ovens in our kitchens, I have been trying to use it when ever I can. Well, I think I'll have to explain a bit, though its common knowledge to many of you that almost all US kitchens come with a oven by default, me n my roomies never realized that for many months. Through the first year of a our stay, we used it as a rack for storing vessels !!! And I guess it wasn't in working conditions either, and well we weren't in the mood to explore the kitchen while there was a whole new world outside to explore !! :-) Only after we moved to a bigger apt, implying a one bedroom apt with an an extra dining room added to the kitchen-living-bedroom apt we had before, and should I mention 3 gals share it !! :-), did we start using the oven for purposes other than storage !! And need I also mention we were barely cooking the first few months, and trying hard to cook the basic dals and curries that go with rice, so you can imagine that we never found the need to look for a oven in the first place, we were blissfully happy to find a neat storage place though :-D !!

Well, so lately, I have used it for making guiltless chips out of green plantains, bitter gourd and potatoes. When I saw Nabeela's roast potatoes that she made along with her chicken, I wanted to try making it separately too. She also has a separate recipe for it here.

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I used a different mix of spices, I basically added those that I had with me. I cubed 2 potatoes, tossed them in some oil, a mix of olive oil and vegetable oil, roughly 1 tsp of each. Added some salt, red chilli powder, corinder powder and turmeric. I baked them in the oven, pre-heated to 350F, for about 20 mins, then increased the temp to about 400F-450F for another 10-15mins till they turned golden crisp. Instead of being part of our meal, we finished it off as a snack :-P ..hehe

The best part of using the oven for making this dish or the chips is, I found them to stay crisp for a longer time when compared to frying them in oil on a stove-top. This way of cooking also reduces the amount of oil drastically and there are no hassles of bubbling hot oil in the kitchen, just leave them in the oven and peacefully forget about them for awhile !!

I am going to send this platter to Pooja, for her 'Vegetable of the Week' event !!

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Nabeela said...

I often make mine with indian spices too like you :)
Btw, i'm soooooo jealous of you right now got done with your exams!!!
My exams are all thorugh this week...will be done by Friday :(

Priya said...

That was a quick one Nabeela :-D
Poor you, a whole week to scrape through, but well, I think u mentioned one of the exams is a lil less burdening due to a project u did. Hang on, though this week might not zoom off like the vacation week, but it will still end !! hehehe....*evil laughter*
All the Best :-)

Anonymous said...

This is a very good idea. I looove fries but since they are deep fried, I try to avaoid making them at home. I will try your version today itself. Thanks dear.

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Priya
Check it out my recipe for eggless cake , I have posted now for you.

Anonymous said...

hey priya..... nice way of roasting potatoes.... they seem to be the universal comfort food :)

Krithika said...

Love oven roasted potatoes. Yours looks nice 'n golden.

FH said...

Great to hear that your exam are over!:))

I do use my oven a lot as you know.Roasted vegs are one of the most delicious dishes done in the oven.Enjoy.

Mythreyee said...

Wow! that was a treat to the eyes. Hmm.. let me try the same in my oven, I want to snack too with no guilt.

USHA said...

Oops!Potato wedges, actually i was above to post this for Pooja's this week veggie within a day...

After reading your post and receipe,,i was shocked.,,let me contribute other receipe.

My hubby is very gr8 fan of potato wedges, he would feel better if i provide him almost 5days a week also..

I prepare in same way,but little variation, like i use to chop in lengthwise,apply littlebutter,sprinkle chat masala(chilli,salt,garmmasala)over it.
In500degree keep for 15-20minutes...thatz it.

Lakshmik said...

Hi Priya

I have tried this recipe both ways. With red chilli powder and with rosemary, parsely and red chilli flakes. Tastes yummy.

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey i'm a new visitor to your blog.This looks awesome.i do the same with potatoes chopped in a different fashion.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I tried the over roasted potatoes thrice in three continuous weeks. Thats how much my husband and me like it. However i added a few more things to it. I added crushed kasuri methi, jeera powder, garam masala powder to it. The outcome was yum!!!!
Thanks for this healthy recipe. I knew how to deep fry them but never ventured coz its unhealthy. But now with you oven suggestions atleast the guilt is not as much. :)
thank you.

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