Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekend Craft Corner || eReader Fabric Sleeve

Hi Foodies,

It's hard to open this space and start talking writing again. This post has been in the drafts for 2 weeks now and there isn't a recipe even :) This is another quick weekend sewing project for a beginner. I went overboard with my fabric purchase a few months back. Luckily I bought just 1/2 yard pieces since the only project I had in mind needed very little fabric. I'm bad when it comes to making a choice and a craft store is mental overload in those terms! There were too many good prints to pass up and photo below is the selection after I'd pared it down :)

The first project to come out of this loot was a sleeve for my Kindle. It was my Christmas gift from my brother and sil and I had to protect it from the obstacle course in my handbag. There are many many patterns and inspiring covers out there. I came across a few that used sturdy folder covers sandwiched between fabric that double as a stand when folded. It's a nifty idea and next on my list to try, for now though I stuck to a simple sleeve pattern.

You'll need:
  • 2 pieces of coordinating fabric. I probably used 1/4 of each 1/2 yard piece, approximately a little more than twice the area of your device with seam allowance.
  • 1 piece fusible fleece - I used this one
  • Matching thread and a contrasting button for the loop closure
No process photos for this one since I was experimenting without a pattern. I started with fabric that was twice the length of the Kindle and sewed along the sides. I then ironed on the fusible fleece to the outer fabric, wrong side out. To sew the two pieces together I used the same method used in this bag (finishing the tote step). I used a small piece of the inner fabric to make a loop closure and finished it with a cute button. An elastic hair tie would work too.

Though I did not plan it that way I love how the star pattern lines up in the front and the fleece underneath gives a nice textured look to the fabric. The fusible fleece is soft and provides enough cushion without making the sleeve bulky so I'll definitely be using it in other projects.

Any project suggestions for my remaining fabric selection ? :)

3 thoughts:

Anu Menon said...

Coin purses, travel makeup zippers, Table runners? How have you been? Its been a long time!

Priya V said...

Anu, those are great ideas. Do you have any patterns you like for them?
I've been good, you? Yes, the longer I waited to post, the harder it got :)

Madhu Vamshi Karra said...

Hey Priya, I love this fabric cover for Ipad. I guess you should start selling those..I will be the first one to buy it :-)

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