Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Frames | Treasure Hunt

Dear Foodies,
Under the gorgeous pinkish red skin are delicious, juicy Lychees
I'd hoard these like chipmunks do acorns if I could! If you can still find them at the store, grab a few bags.
third eye ?
Don't these look gorgeous! Rambutans taste just as stunning as the look ( but I like lychees more)
Both these fruits are a perfect summer treat. Its nature's way of giving us a refreshing burst of hydration when we need it the most.

5 thoughts:

divya said...

awesome clicks...

shobs said...

This year our lychee tree bore fruits!!! Out of the zillion flowers only a thousand became baby fruits and just about fifty became ripe ones. Loved it though. My mom who was visiting had her first taste of it and went gaga.She hoarded a few and took them for her grand-kids in Chennai.
Now dont you want to visit me?

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are some stunning pictures!!!!! I feel like i want to grab one of them and eat!

Unknown said...

Hi Priya,

This is the first time I am visitng your blog. I am so impressed with your photography and the recipe (the ones I went through). I'll start my blog soon and hope to do see you in the blog world.

I agree, I like lychee more than rambutan.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am one of the best private detectives in Mumbai and I have an interest in photography too. No not the undercover kind! Oh well that too but seriously these pics of lychees are so incredible. What kind of lenses do you use?

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