Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday Frames | of Seeds and Pods

Hello foodies,

A weekends back, as I was organizing my kitchen pantry I decided to sprout a few of the everyday seeds I use and see what comes up. Here's a glimpse of a few surprises....

Kalonji - Onion flowers ?!
Mustard pods!

I had never given mustard seeds a thought, did not think about how they are grown or harvested. Did you know they grow just like peas in a pod ? After seeing these teeny tiny pods, I am not going to complain about shelling peas anymore :)

the flowers were a pretty yellow color

Thyme Flowers

and finally here's some vanilla extract brewing

7 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed!!! The onion flowers (or whatever they're called!) are so pretty. Are onions going to grow next? :-/

So basically you put kalonji and rai in soil, and they came out like this? Really amazing. I mean, I don't do any gardening or growing anything else except wheatgrass, so this looks really cool.

shobs said...

The kalonji flowers look pretty but the plant is nothing like a onion plant nor the flower like onion flowers. So tell me why are they called onion seeds.
Oh I bless you for the Pulikaichal recipe every time I make it. It never fails to suceed. And I passed it on to my sis when she took up catering for a small home event. She was thrilled as it turned out really well. All these days she had been asking other family members to make it for her. So put your collar up! How have you been anyway?

chinmayie said...

Lovely photos... Really enjoyed them :)

Priya said...

Spushtyes, that is all I did. Was curious to see what comes out from them. Nigella is misleadingly called onion seeds, I don't think it even falls under the same category as onions.

Shobs, seeing such pretty flowers was pleasant surprise. I did think for a moment if they would lead to onions :) But soon read that they have nothing to do with onions, really confusing I tell you :)
I definitely have my collar up right now! Puliyodarai is my all time fav dish. Really happy to know that the recipe has been a success even on a large scale, thank you for sharing it Shobs.

Chinmayie, thank you. I can't wait to use the vanilla extract for baking :)

Supriya's Rasoi said...

Priya they look so very pretty and what a fab job dear.

Recipe World said...

wow..really superb. Keep rocking dear.. :)

Vamsi K H Illindala said...

Nice! So you've now become a botanist as well! What else is on your mind?

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