Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Sankranthi

Dear foodies,

Happy Sankranthi
~Sankranthi Shubhakankshalu~

to all of you!
I just got back from a short, hectic yet extremely enjoyable and satisfying trip to India. And as has become the norm with me, my luggage did not make it back! Fortunately, this time it has been tracked down and is on its way. Once I spot all the goodies that I bought I will come back to share them with you :)

Enjoy this Festival of Harvest !

P.S: The first photograph was taken at the Hyderabad airport at a store called 'the Bombay store'. They had a very good collection of handicraft items from around India at very reasonable costs. I was tempted to buy many of them if not for my already heavy hand baggage. There was another store called 'Empower' that exclusively sold handicraft items from Andhra Pradesh like - Kondapalli dolls, Kalamkari paintings, lace products, Etikoppaka toys, and leather puppets.

The second is of my brother flying a kite on the day we were leaving Hyd. Though it was a few days before the festival we had to give it a try! We were up on the terrace only for an hour since we had packing left to do :(. Luckily though, we managed to scratch our his memory enough (with some help from my aunt) to get the kite to fly and successfully cut another kite tooo! yippieeee! woo hooo! This was taken under the bright afternoon sun, but I played with the exposure to get this shot.

19 thoughts:

rads said...

thi to you too girl! Must have had a fun trip eh? Lovely shot! :-)

I was just thinking what a long time you've been gone :P

rads said...

argh - Happy Sankranthi to you too! :)

Donno who was hungrier, me or your blog, for comments :P

Anonymous said...

Wishing you the same.....sorry i dont know whether its problem on my side ,ur or somewhere in between,but i am unable to see any pics here :-(

Pavani said...

Happy Sankranthi to you too Priya.. Welcome back.. I loved the Bombay store too. They had a lot of interesting stuff there.. Actually I loved the new airport, so much bigger and roomy with lots of stores (my husband wasn't too happy seeing me window shopping at levi's & the handbag shoppe.. he made sure I didnt buy anything.. but there's always a next time). Well sorry for the long comment. Hope to see the goodies soon. Enjoy..

Suganya said...

Happy Pongal !!!!

karuna said...

same to u , and welcome back

sunita said...

I was just wondering where you disappeared...welcome back! I can see that you have had a wonderful holiday. Great pictures :-)

anudivya said...

I was wondering where that first pic was taken... looks very pretty!
Happy Sankranthi to you.

Sonia said...

hey...finally u back...!:) I missed your post a lot.
Happy Makar Sakranti to you & family!!!
N e ways, how's ur India trip?
Take care.

Indian Food Rocks said...

Welcome back! I missed you! And that kite flying pic? Ekdum mast!

Pallavi said...

To you too.. !!

Anonymous said...

hi happy sankaranti
did u eat regi pandlu & cheruku mukkalu? nice photos!

Anonymous said...

Happy Sankranthi!!I read your blog often. Great dishes and amazing pics. If you don't mind can you tell me where in Hyde did you shop for etikoppaka toys? Also, I meant to ask you the camera you shoot with?

veggie belly said...

Thats a beautiful picture of your brother flying a kite!

Priya said...

Rads,lol! the trip was great , as expected :). did not carry arnd my camera as much as I would have liked though, was scared to!

Alka, there was some problem with blogger, another frnd also had the same problem. I hope you got to see them later :)

Pavani, the airport is good. but he could have made it bigger too, considering the land he has. But its a little too far from the city naa ? I wish I knew about the shopping area, I would have carried an emptier carry on :D But as you say,there is always a next time ;)

Sukanya, thank you :)

Karuna, thank you :-)

Sunita, hehe, yes, it was a sudden whirlwind trip :-D

Priya said...

Anu, everything in the store was soo exquisite and pretty! I had a tough time just looking and not buying.

Sonu, the trip was really good but short. I am still sorting out pics and unpacking :D

Manisha, we had soo much fun doing it, more for the sake of nostalgia! I wish we had more time to spare. We were merely checking things off a virtual 'to-do' list.

Pallavi, thank you :)

Anon, regi pandlu - YES!, cheruku - NO :(. Did not see it on the streets near my home, or I wouldn't have missed it :). I had sugarcane juice though! Freshly squeezed by a machine that is totally enclosed and uses mineral water...haha. I nifty upgrade to the old wheels churning out juice.

Kalyan, thank you for stopping by. I bought those dolls at Lepakshi emporium in Sec'bad and from a store called Empower at the new Hyderabad airport (located near the international departure gates.) The stall @ the airport is funded by an organization to promote AP handicrafts and is not a store you can find elsewhere.

Sala, thank you! He had other comments though. He wanted his face to be seen, not plain silhouette :D

Anonymous said...

You R back U R Back Yaaa!:-) kinda missed u.

I know u had a good time, that kite flying shows. I miss it still after so many years.

happy Sankranti!

Dibs said...

Love both the photos!

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