Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mediterranean all the way...

Dear Foodies,

Get all ready to see a complete Mediterranean Dinner :-) This was for two of my dearest friends' birthday. Me and my roomies and the b'day boys' roomie got together to prepare this superb spread for them !

Fattoush Salad with roasted garlic and olive oil flavored couscous.
Inspired from her salad
And now for the other dishes!( Click on the text 'Click here to read the rest of the post' below the labels) Some pita pockets first:

Garlic and Oregano flavored Pita Bread (store bought)

Whole Wheat Pita Bread (store bought)

For the filling inside these wonderful pita bread we made,

Falafel !
Inspired from here and here
We first tried to fry them but the balls started to disintegrate on touching the oil and so we made a batch as tikkis on the tava and the rest went into the oven

To add some flavor we made 3 wonderful dips:

Hummus bi Tahini
with garlic and cumin powder
Inspired from here

Baba Ghanouj
Inspired from here

Tahini-Yoghurt dip
Inspired from here
This got a little bitter, I have no clue why, may be the lemon juice I used or some extra tahini.

A wonderful rice dish to follow the pita pockets,

Inspired from here

Carrot Pickle to accompany the rice

And after all that food it was time to end it all with dessert,

Baklava, the perfect ending !
Inspired from here

Happy Birthday Guys :-)

A huge Thanks to Nupur and Bee & Jai for their wonderful posts on few of these dishes that inspired me to try it out.

And now this whole spread goes off to Meeta for her Monthly Mingle -Arabian nights :-)

20 thoughts: said...

Awesome spread Priya. This is a great submission for the Arabian Nights. I am also inspired to have some of this food after reading all your posts!

Nice to see you back!

Nabeela said...

wow, you outdid yourself! :)

Coffee said...

I'd call it a feast more than a spread!!!!! That looks real awesome !!! :)

Unknown said...

That is an amazing feast Priya...And This is my favourite spread too....kudos for all the effort and it is so much fun to have a whole wealth of resources amongst our blogger friends

-Sorry i clicked elsewhere and posted this, now posting in the right place

Aahaar Vihaar said...

That's one colorful spread.

Roopa said...

wow thats a wonderfull meditarean feast, i would love to have bite of those

Mythreyee said...

Thats a good one. Looks wonderful. Wish I could grab it from the screen.

Nupur said...

A wonderful feast indeed! About the tahini sauce, I do believe that some brands of tahini are more bitter than others. The one I had was amazingly non-bitter. I'm sorry your sauce got too bitter :(
About the falafel balls, if they disintegrate on touching the oil, you might want to add a few spoonfuls of plain flour to hold the mixture together better.
Enjoy the weekend!

bee said...

what a wondeful spread. your friends are fortunate.

Sharmi said...

hi Priya, Nice recipe and lovely entry dear!! my wishes to ur friend too

Jaya said...

Wowwwwww.. Looks absolutely mouthwatering... The Baklava especially... Yummmmmmmm... I wish I were at Lookout!

Menu Today said...

Hi priya,
Looks colourful..Great Entry!!!

bee said...

loved the new look of your blog, priya.

Sudha said...

Priya the new look of the site is great...i loved the tweety part..he is so cute..

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through !!

amazing recipes , ended up reading almost every thing !!


Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

This is really a best salad for spring and upcomming summer.Lovely colors add up to the beauty of this salad.I just love the salads.hmm this is really a good one .The roasted garlic and the flavour of olive oil adds up to the flavour.hmm ...

Bharathy said...

welcome to my place Priya...I am a silent regular visitor to your wonderful blog:) your classic recipes:)

Chinni said...

Hi Priya,Nice recipe.

Anonymous said...

What's up? No post in a long time. Assignments, final projects due???Exams???? crunch time?????
Well good luck and hope to see you soon:)

Sharmi said...

long time no see? blog break?

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