Monday, March 19, 2007

Countdown to the feast...

Dear Foodies,

A platter filled with fritters made from stuffed green peppers, potatoes, capsicum and onions all made by two dear friends and ofcourse with some help (well I had to add my name, you'll know why when u see the pics :-)) and .....

Starting this year with a sweet, carrot-banana cake

Closer look at the stuffed green peppers with a side of chopped onions, coriander leaves, a dash of lime juice, pinch of salt, pepper and garam masala.

The perfectly puffed up potato fritters

And finishing off all this with a glass of flavored buttermilk-store bought buttermilk spiced with crushed ginger, chopped curry leaves, crushed cumin seeds and salt.

8 thoughts:

FH said...

Great Ugadi feast Priya!:)))

Savithri said...

MMmm the pakodas look delicious! said...

OOOOOH, the potato ones look awesome. I love the idea for the stuffed green peppers. Can't wait for the recipes.


Sharmi said...

Hi Priya, Happy Ugadi to you too.


Sharmi said...

I know how busy a student life is esp . in US. besides all that you try to keep up with your recipes blog, Try to post comments in others blog, Keep up with the culture and tradition is not an easy task. hats off to you dear and keep it up.


Anonymous said...


Vadas....add energy to any occassion...and these many...I am drooling!!

Sreelu said...


One festive Ugadi meal , mouth watering . I would love to hear about your mango flavored in tamrind juice recipe.looks pretty new and I guess will taste good because of it tangy and sweet flavor.

Also thanks for your comments on my blog


Unknown said...

That is an amazing feast Priya...And This is my favourite spread too....kudos for all the effort and it is so much fun to have a whole wealth of resources amongst our blogger friends

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