Sunday, October 15, 2006

Food Charmers' Treasure Trove # 1

Dear Foodies,
I have been filling up my Treasure Chest from the day I got introduced to blogs, now its time to show you a few that came out of it and landed on my kitchen stove :-)

Below are pictures of the dishes I tried to re-create. Each one of them has been a success and have found a cozy place in my every day menu. I would recommend all these dishes to you guys if they havent yet landed on your plate :-)

I tried out two splendid recipes from Vaishali's Happy Burp

Mirchicha Chatka

Since it was my first trial at this dish, I took her advice and used lesser amount of chillies and dunked them in lots of yoghurt :D , but I must tell you it was lovely with the paratha's, it added a spicy zest to the boring store bought parathas.


Sorry for the terrible picture !! This dish I should say is a bundle of surprise to your taste buds. It was the simplicity of the recipe that tempted me to try it out, and also the unending packets of mixed vegetable in my freezer :-P. This recipe does not call for any spices, but the harmony of flavors in the end product in unbelievable. And its too darned simple to make, soo simple that the egoistic cook in you will want to churn out another dish to compensate for its simplicity !! :D

Did I say two splendid recipes from Vaishali's, but I just tried another one yesterday !!

Didir Dosa

Her Didir dosa is really quick, dhideer means sudden/without prior notice in Tamil. Though this recipe does not compete with the speed of Rava dosa's or Besan Cheela's , it is a quick recipe for our regular dosa, skipping the soaking & grinding of the rice and dal. All you need to quench your cravings for some nice crispy dosa's is to stock your kitchen with some Urad dal flour and Rice flour at all times and you can have a lovely breakfast anytime :-)

Peanut chutney

To complete the brilliance of the dosa's I made some Peanut chutney to accompany them, and where did I look for an authentic recipe ? Where else but at the wonderful, peanut loving Indira's Mahanandi. Its a very simple recipe and the chutney holds a warm place in every Telugus' heart. I can assure you that a plate of crispy hot dosas, a dollop of peanut chutney and a spoon og allam pachadi (ginger pickle) will surely buy you a free roundtrip to Heaven !!

Now, once I got back to Earth, we were hungry again and it was time for the irresistible Dhansak.

The moment Nandita of Saffron Trail, posted her Parsi dhansak, I knew I had to try it. I was sincere in buying the pumpkin but after that the enthusiasm died down a bit, but then Shammi of Food, in the Main came up with her recipe (the recipe for the dhansak masala is her previous post) for it too. After that there was no more delaying :-)

A few days back, the passionate cook Nabeela who is currently treating us to her Iftar recipes everyday, made some roasted potatoes.

Roasted potatoes

I just bought my first can of olive oil and was eager to experiment with it. This was the perfect starter recipe for a starter :D. The potatoes look oily, but I used just a teaspoonfull of EVOO for 3 potatoes !! I was not sure about the amount of time that I had to leave them in the oven, and I guess I took them out a bit early. I would have liked them crispier, better luck next time :-)

Now its time to close the treasure chest with a dessert.

Eggless chocolate cake

This is from Priya's Kitchen. A wonderful eggless chocolate cake to dig into after a wonderful dinner. The pic is from my second attempt. The first time I tried I found that the 6tsp of cocoa powder mentioned was too less for the chocolately taste to stand up and dominate, probably because of a 'big cup-small spoon' measurement :D . So this time I increased it to 8 tsp for 3 cups of flour. I baked it for a friend's B'day this weekend, and we all enjoyed the cake. I added some icing on top too and used some ready made chocolate icing to decorate the cake. I scooped a lil into a ziploc bag and made a cone of it for decoration.

Thanks to all of you for sharing such delightful recipes !!

I am off now, the treasure chest will pop open more often from now on. I already have a few more waiting to show themselves to you guys :-)

7 thoughts:

Chandrika said...

A nice writeup Priya! I made your sponge dosa yesterday and it was sooooooooooooooo good...I wanted to take a snap and write a post, but the dosas vanished in no time... Thank you for such a quick and easy and utterly delicious recipe! :-)

Priya Bhaskaran said...

Hey Priya, wow so nice off you to share this to us-- good job :) I am going to try some from your treasure box:)

FH said...

Priya! That's a one great treasure chest you have reproduced!! Great job!! Been busy I see!!:))

Happy Diwali!!

Anonymous said...

Priya, great collection here. Nice to see the parade from bloggers.It sure is fun to try new food.

mitr_bayarea said...


Wow- ur treasure chest looked delicious and the pics and write up made the whole thing so good. I plan to try out some of those recipes this weekend. Thanks!

Nabeela said...

Hi Priya, you seem to eating VERY well for a student :)
I have another roast potatoes recipe that does not need to be baked with the chicken. This is the link:

The potatoes turn out nice and crispy in this recipe with a hint of heat which we Indians cannot live without, of course :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you have tried cooking in olive oil. There is a common misconception that olive oil is only for mediterranean food. This isn't the case. Olive pomace oil is great for Indian food. It isn't too expensive either - because it is used in 1/3 the quantity and is reusable 3 times. You can fry in it too. And, of course, it's the best oil for health. Try it out. You can get it easily at . They provide the entire range of olive oil and of very high quality. And they deliver free and have a special discount for caterers! Olive oil is my new discovery as a cook. It seems you also look at cooking as a creative exercise, so I'm sure you'll enjoy experimenting with it. Try it out.

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