Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Meme...for Me ME

I am thinking about : Tweetyyyy...the best ever cartoon character !!

I said : isnt tweety cuteee...!!

I want to : fill my bedroom with soft toys of all kinds..!!

I wish : I could get a life size Teddy :-)

I regret : not having a big enough apt to store my soft toys ;-) .....soon my room mates and I will have to find a new apt to live in :D

I hear : the radio playing songs ...non stop

I am : crazy about soft toys and anything that has chocolate and/or coffee

I dance : very very rarely....the party more often than not ends before I can convince myself to shake a leg .. :D

I sing : along with the song currently playing

I cry : at the slightest change/raise of tone of the ppl close to me !! And I have also been a expert in shedding crocodile tears when fighting with my brother :D

I am not : good at maintaining house accounts !!

I dream of : having a room filled with soft toys and owning a complete Enid Blyton book collection

I am with my hands: typing all the time or trying to whip up good food :-)

I write : with a pen pencil most of the time...I prefer them over pens..

I laugh : whenever I can ...with the side effect of making the others around me laugh too !

I confuse : myself and others ...and have gained some expertise there too :D

I value : my soft toys the mostttttttttt ..hehe

I need : more ...more ...and many more soft toys...

Well I did better put up the theme of this meme to be Me...Me and My Soft Toys ....!! ( and I hope everyone reading it got the hint and know what to send me )

RJ-The Ring Leader (My latest buy)

Thank you Annita for tagging me on this Meme :-) And now for me to tag someone with this Meme, its going to be Anita of A Mad Tea Party and Anthony of Anthony's Kitchen from the food blogosphere. I would also like to share it with my friends Aravind and Jaya

9 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

thanx for the tag u r a bit late.
i had self tagged me last month

Jaya said...

Thanks for the tag babes.. But I did this one.. See -

Priya said...

Sorry guys ..!! Dint read those posts :-D

Prema Sundar said...

Hi priya,
enjoyed reading ur meme..came to know of ur greaaaat love for soft toys..

Admin said...

thanks for the tag priya.. will do the needful soon.. :-)

Unknown said...

Hehe, soft toys and more soft toys..i must send you the pic of my pet turtle(soft toy) my husband picked up for me on a flight, we have even named it..slowee :)

Ashwini said...

Really? That crazy about soft toys??

Priya said...

I guess I shocked you guys with my soft toy craze :-) and Nandita I am waiting for u to post a pic of ur turtle :-)

Chandrika said...

I am a little late reading your meme, but I sure did enjoy it...and I share your love for soft toys...Back home, I had a closet full of them and I treasured them...After marriage, my DH gets mad when I hug my favorite teddy!! But still, I have managed a pretty good collection!! :-) Will post some snaps of them at a later date!

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